Brilliant start for diamond coating service

New coating center in Japan

After completion of the new building in Nagoya, the new coating center in Japan started production. Since the beginning of January, CemeCon has been supporting its customers there with diamond coating services.

A modern measuring laboratory ensures the worldwide identical high quality standards of CemeCon.

Finding a location, building, installing systems, integrating processes, training employees – getting a completely new premium coating center up and running is hard work and requires a great deal of knowhow. All the greater is the joy when everything runs according to plan, as in Nagoya, Japan: In November 2019, CemeCon employees from Germany installed the first CC800® Diamond together with their Japanese colleagues. In order to guarantee the consistently high quality standards worldwide, the system was extensively tested and released for safe production from January 2020. The official opening will take place in April.

The team from CemeCon K.K. now also supports tool manufacturers with a diamond coating service.

In Japan, diamond coating technology has so far been used mostly by the major tool manufacturers, while medium-sized and smaller companies use the coatings much less frequently. With its own application development in Nagoya, which is directly linked to the headquarters in Germany, CemeCon K.K. enables Japanese and Korean tool manufacturers to access CemeCon's know-how.

"Diamond coating is very complex. This is why we support our customers from the very beginning in the development of new diamond-coated tools. In particular, the carbide substrate and the tool geometry must be coordinated with the coating. This is where we pass on our expertise to customers so that diamond tools can be developed quickly and efficiently," says Alexander Marxer, Managing Director of CemeCon K.K.

CemeCon employees from Germany installed the first CC800® Diamond together with their Japanese colleagues in November 2019.
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