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The latest in the world of tool coatings

Coatings can be customized as needed to meet market, tool material and tool design requirements.
This trend is becoming more and more evident.

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Investment in our technology and our employees has made us the industry leader in HiPIMS and diamond coatings. The increased adoption of our HiPIMS coating technology by tool manufactures across the U.S. further expands its reach and proves the advantages it provides to our customers. Continued advancements will allow us to both strengthen our position in the marketplace and increase the cutting tool industry’s reliance on HiPIMS as a whole.

Jeff Barlow, President of CemeCon Inc.

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Coatings as individual as your precision tools.

How our coating service works

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New markets in sight.
With HiPIMS and Diamond coatings.

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CemeCon Deutschland

EMO Hannover

Hall 4, Booth D52, Hanover, Germany

Looking for an upgrade of your cutting tools? Join us in Hanover! We are excited to share new business opportunities with HiPIMS and Diamond Coatings with you. Premium coatings deliver a huge ...
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CemeCon Deutschland


Dresden, Germany

Tuesday, 19.09.2023, 11 a.m., Room 4 “The Influence of Pulse Parameters on Plasma Properties and Performance of HiPIMS Coatings for Cutting Tools” Dr.-Ing. Stephan Bolz, Executive Director Technology & Development
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CemeCon Deutschland


Booth no. 79, Katowice, Poland

CemeCon USA


Greenville, South Carolina

CemeCon Deutschland

Reactive Sputter Deposition RSD

Leipzig, Germany

HiPIMS opens up new markets

HiPIMS opens up new markets

The world of machining is changing. With the transition from the internal combustion engine to alternative drive systems, traditional automotive manufacturing as the most important mainstay for many machining companies and tool manufacturers is being reduced enormously.
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