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CemeCon China


Beijing, China

CemeCon Scandinavia

Hannover Messe

Hannover, Deutschland

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CemeCon Deutschland

Wernesgrüner Werkzeugsymposium


CemeCon Scandinavia

Hohenwestedter Technologietag

Hohenwestedt, Germany

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CemeCon Scandinavia

KUTENO – Kunststofftechnik Nord

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

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CemeCon Scandinavia

Plastteknik Nordic

Booth F-12, Malmö, Sweden

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CemeCon India


Bangkok, Thailand

CemeCon Deutschland


San Diego, USA

Lecture: “Diamond Coatings on Cutting Tools Applied to Super-Hard Workpiece Materials” – Dr. Michael Woda, Manager Development CVD

“Custom-Fit Hipims Coatings for Cutting Tools Used in a Wide Variety of Machining Applications” – Dr. Stephan Bolz, Executive Director Technology & Development

CemeCon Deutschland

ECTA Conference

San Sebastián, Spain

CemeCon Deutschland

HiPIMS conference

Venlo, Netherlands

“The Influence of Pulse Parameters on Plasma Properties and Performance of HiPIMS Coatings for Cutting Tools” – Dr. Stephan Bolz, Executive Director Technology & Development


Our customer ZECHA wins the 2021 Baden-Württemberg State Innovation Award with a new type of diamond-coated micro-precision tool. The State Innovation Award – the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Award – was one of the first prizes to be awarded for innovation in Germany.
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