Investment in our technology and our employees has made us the industry leader in HiPIMS and diamond coatings. The increased adoption of our HiPIMS coating technology by tool manufactures across the U.S. further expands its reach and proves the advantages it provides to our customers. Continued advancements will allow us to both strengthen our position in the marketplace and increase the cutting tool industry’s reliance on HiPIMS as a whole.

Jeff Barlow, President of CemeCon Inc.

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Coatings as individual as your precision tools.

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New markets in sight.
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CemeCon Deutschland

Wernesgrüner Werkzeug Symposium

Wernesgrün, Germany

13.03.24 at 9:45 am
Lecture: „HiPIMS-Beschichtungen sind der Schlüssel zu den Zukunftsmärkten der Werkzeugherstellung“ Dr. Christoph Schiffers, Product Management, Coating Equipment
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CemeCon Deutschland

IWM-IAPK Kolloquium Development of Tool Materials

Aachen, Germany

Speech by Dr. Christoph Schiffers at 10:00 a.m. entitled: „HiPIMS: Forschung bereitet den Weg für die Beschichtungstechnologie für Zukunftsmärkte der Werkzeugherstellung“

TMTS – Taiwan International Machine Tool Show

N0114 (4th floor) at DKSH booth, Taipei, Taiwan

Learn how the world's best HiPIMS coating technologies turn outstanding cutting tools into perfect products .

CemeCon Japan


Seoul, Korea

The machining markets are changing and with them the prospects for tool manufacturers. Where does the new business sustainability lie and how can a specific coating technology provide answers to such extreme heterogeneity of requirements?

CemeCon Deutschland

MAV Innovationsforum

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

The future in the machining industry is challenging, but with the right coating technology it can be mastered profitably! We invite you to find out about the latest trends and developments...
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CemeCon Deutschland


Hall 1, Booth A3, Moutier, Switzerland

Find out how the world's best coating technologies turn outstanding tools into perfect products.
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CemeCon Deutschland

67th Annual SVC Technical Conference

Chicago, USA

CemeCon Deutschland


Hall 7, Booth B66, Stuttgart, Germany

The machining industry is experiencing a paradigm shift: the automotive industry is changing and new drive concepts require less machining. Other challenging but long-established markets such as aviation are also changing. New markets now need to be conquered.
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CemeCon Scandinavia

Chromium VI - prospects with thin-film technology

Dresden, Germany

Impending chromium (VI) ban puts industry under pressure

15.05.24 at 10.00 am:
"PVD Sputtern und HiPIMS ersetzt Hartchrom – Potential und Anwendungen" Konrad Bienk, CemeCon Scandinavia A/S, Hinnerup, Denmark

CemeCon Deutschland


San Diego, USA

„Sustainable and Economical Production of High-Quality HiPIMS Coatings“ Dr. Stephan Bolz, Head of Development

„CVD Diamond Coating Technology for Cutting Tool Applications“ Marvin Wegh, Senior Manager Engineer Development CVD