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...comes from choosing the right coating material. Learn more about how CemeCon manages the remaining 50% to produce a premium coating.

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Electromobility, communication, medical technology - develop your business in these markets with CemeCon coating technologies.

For you, as a manufacturer of precision tools, we offer the most innovative coating technologies with HiPIMS and diamond and thus the largest selection of premium coating materials on the market.

Successful precision tools are the result of optimal substrate, elaborated geometry and the best individual premium coating.

Standard Coating vs. Premium Coating

This is how we treat your precision tools at CemeCon!

Cutting inserts

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 Round tools

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Unrivaled products through CemeCon Engineering

We perfectly match your individual premium coating to your precision tool

  • Selection of the suitable coating process and assembly of the appropriate coating material specification for your precision tool. Adapted to the machining task, specified application parameters and other technical and commercial objectives for your precision tool, we will compose your premium coating from numerous options. This includes, for example, the pre- and post-treatment, the coating thickness, final dimension with measurement report, tolerances, colors, packaging and much more.
  • You supply us with your prototypes, we coat them with the best coating materials in the world, then you test the quality of the tool in use. Together, we achieve the desired performance goals of your precision tool.
 CemeCon Engineering

Test the best!

We love challenges and the more special they are, the more clear it becomes that CemeCon delivers the best coatings in the world. Compare and put us to the test. You can only win with this!

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CemeCon Deutschland

EMO Hannover

Hall 4, Booth D52, Hanover, Germany

Looking for an upgrade of your cutting tools? Join us in Hanover! We are excited to share new business opportunities with HiPIMS and Diamond Coatings with you. Premium coatings deliver a huge ...
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CemeCon Deutschland


Dresden, Germany

Tuesday, 19.09.2023, 11 a.m., Room 4 “The Influence of Pulse Parameters on Plasma Properties and Performance of HiPIMS Coatings for Cutting Tools” Dr.-Ing. Stephan Bolz, Executive Director Technology & Development
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CemeCon Deutschland


Booth no. 79, Katowice, Poland

CemeCon USA


Greenville, South Carolina

CemeCon Deutschland

Reactive Sputter Deposition RSD

Leipzig, Germany

The best recipes! We coat over 80,000 tools every day. On our own equipment. For 35 years. We use the know-how we have gained to the advantage of our customers.

Stefan Peters – Round Tools Preparation, CemeCon AG Coating Service
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HiPIMS – The future’s here today

HiPIMS revolutionizes the coating market, delivering great results and unique selling points for pioneers.
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Increasing productivity in tool and mold making

Increasing productivity in tool and mold making

The market situation in tool and die making is more dynamic than ever. Changing markets, ever smaller batch sizes, individual products, continuously increasing quality requirements and shorter development times – the challenges for tool and die makers are manifold.
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HiPIMS opens up new markets

HiPIMS opens up new markets

The world of machining is changing. With the transition from the internal combustion engine to alternative drive systems, traditional automotive manufacturing as the most important mainstay for many machining companies and tool manufacturers is being reduced enormously.
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