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CC800® HiPIMS for uncompromising premium quality

Anyone standing in front of the new ProTech Innovation Center and the metal dinosaur immediately knows which direction the manufacturer of cutting tools and coatings from Slovakia has taken: Premium. In order to fulfill the customer promise of first-class quality on a daily basis, ProTech from Prešov has invested, among other things, in modern precision grinding machines and high-precision measuring technology. ProTech is now achieving a further leap in quality for tools with "bite" with the CC800® HiPIMS from CemeCon.

In front of the ProTech Innovation Center (from left). Falko Trieb and Dirk Prinz, Customer Care Technology at CemeCon, together with Miroslav Palo, owner of ProTech.

Standard was yesterday. The trend in industrial production is moving further and further away from mass tools for everything to small batch sizes and special solutions for special applications. In recent years, ProTech has developed into an expert for special tools that are precisely tailored to the requirements of its demanding customers. "Our customers are creative and demanding - every day they make new demands on the tools and the coating. As a result, the business is becoming increasingly complex. In our production we grind micro tools with diameters from 0.1 mm as well as large hobs and broaching tools up to 3,000 mm. The spectrum in between is enormous. The coating technology we use must be able to cope with this range, while delivering the highest quality and enabling economical production. We have only found this combination in the CC800® HiPIMS from CemeCon," says Miroslav Palo, owner of the family business and mastermind behind the ProTech Innovation Center.

Variant diversity under control

Mastering the diversity of variants - the CC800® HiPIMS as the most flexible coating system is perfect for ProTech's requirements.

The CC800® HiPIMS is extremely versatile and flexible. It is therefore ideal for coating many different tool variants. "With our HiPIMS system, the coatings can be precisely adapted to the requirements and implemented within a short time. For example, 12 µm thick layers for cutting inserts can be deposited in the morning, followed at midday by 1 µm wafer-thin layers with tight tolerances for micro tools," says Dirk Prinz, Customer Care Technology at CemeCon AG, enthusiastically.

Actively managing A WIDE RANGE OF VARIANTS – each in PREMIUM QUALITY – is the core of the PROTECH INNOVATION CENTER. I see the CC800® HiPIMS from CemeCon as a cornerstone in our FUTURE STRATEGY.

Miroslav Palo, owner of ProTech s.r.o.

For premium quality over the entire bandwidth, the coatings have outstanding properties: they are extremely smooth, incomparably adhesive, hard and at the same time tough, have a fine-grained, very dense morphology, low residual stresses and high thermal stability. An extraordinary combination!

And there's more: Apart from the high flexibility and first-class quality, no other coating system can match the speed of the CC800® HiPIMS. "For example: the process needs 4.5 hours for a 3 µm batch. It can be converted in 30 minutes. This enables four to five different batches per day and thus ensures maximum productivity," says Falko Trieb, Customer Care Technology at CemeCon.

ProTech has also invested in the ideal coating technology for future challenges, Miroslav Palo is certain: "The variety and complexity of market requirements will grow immensely. Actively managing a wide range of variants – each in premium quality – is the core of the ProTech Innovation Center. I see the CC800® HiPIMS from CemeCon as a cornerstone in our future strategy."

Protech Coatings Service, S.R.O.

In Prešov, Slovakia, ProTech Coatings Service, s.r.o. and ProTech Service, s.r.o. combine their expertise in special tools of the highest quality. The experts are the only ones in Central Europe to offer coating, regrinding and tool production from all existing materials (starting from HSS and Carbides and ending with superhard CBN, PCD and CVD tools) at one location. Since 2006, ProTech Coatings Service has been offering high-quality coating solutions for cutting tools and components. The basis for the company's success is state-of-the-art coating and testing technology and intensive development work. ProTech Service, s.r.o., founded in 2002 as a regrinding service, today mainly produces cutting tools of the highest quality, which are tailored to the requirements. These bundled competences ensure outstanding tool solutions, short delivery times and fast service. Customers are mainly suppliers to the automotive industry.

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