The decisive advantage

CC800® HiPIMS opens up new markets for premium tools

Flexibility, the highest quality and short delivery times – with customized tool solutions and small batches: an in-house coating line brings a lot of advantages. This is why Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge has been relying on coating technology from CemeCon since 2007. Now the company is taking its coating expertise to the next level with the latest generation HiPIMS system from CemeCon.

Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge, experts in precision tools, can equip a complete production line from a single source. "Complex high-performance tools, even tools from series manufacturers, which we regrind and coat, demonstrate consistently high performance over their entire service life, not least because of our coating line for sputter coatings from CemeCon. With the CC800® HiPIMS, we now want to provide metal cutting companies with tools that are even more efficient," says Dipl.-Ing. Volkmar Kanne, CEO of Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge.

HiPIMS technology, with its wide range of variants, precision and cost-effectiveness, is clearly superior to other methods. It enables faster and more accurate development of new coating materials. The exceptionally hard, tough, adherent and smooth layers are deposited in narrow tolerances. In addition, the fully-automatic and low-maintenance CC800® HiPIMS is able to change coating batches quickly and easily. And it coats with a deposition rate of up to 2 µm per hour.

Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge bietet die komplette Fertigungskette aus einer Hand – vom Nachschliff bis zur Beschichtung.

Reaching new target groups

Dipl.-Ing. Volkmar Kanne: "Thanks to our close cooperation with CemeCon, we always have access to the latest CemeCon coating materials and we can jointly develop coatings for specific applications. With the investment in the CC800® HiPIMS, we are strengthening this successful and long-standing cooperation, and we want to establish CemeCon's coating materials for reground tools in our contractual coating services."

In addition to the existing customers from the machining industry, more and more demanding tool service providers and end customers with their own in-house tool grinding workshop are increasingly becoming the focus. Kanne offers the speed and flexibility that are required here. Furthermore, the Northeim company scores with its extended service. Cutting edge preparation, post-treatment, finishing and polishing.

With the investment in the CC800® HiPIMS we are strengthening the successful and longstanding cooperation with CemeCon. This technology is opening up new target groups for us.

Dipl.-Ing. Volkmar Kanne, CEO of Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge

Dipl.-Ing. Volkmar Kanne: "We specialize in a tool mix from a wide variety of customers. This is why our range focuses on regrinding operations. We provide them with the high-performance CemeCon coatings of the HiPIMS generation, which is opening up a new market for us!"

Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge

Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge has been a specialist in machining tools and tool services since 1978. The company currently employs approximately 50 people and produces, sells, sharpens, and coats premium tools for the most demanding specifications. Tools are produced with extreme precision and minimal tolerances at two locations, Northeim and Aschersleben. The strength is in the delivery of special solutions tailored to the customer. To meet the requirements, Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge relies on continuous development and qualification of its employees, as well as investments in innovative plant technology.

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