HiPIMS brings the advantage

Live batch in coating center in China

The Chinese market is growing, including industries such as the car production and the 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics) industry. Efficient tools are essential for processing complex and small components. With HiPIMS coatings, manufacturers can give their tools the decisive competitive edge. In order to show the advantages of the technology and demonstrate the possibilities, CemeCon launched a live batch in China.

Seit Ende 2016 wird im Beschichtungszentrum in Suzhou mit HiPIMS-Anlagen beschichtet: ZhouYa (links), Schichtleiter bei CemeCon in China, und YuanHui (rechts), Produktionsleiter in China.

CemeCon in China is continuously expanding its capacities for the growing Chinese market. Since late 2016, the coating center in Suzhou has been using HiPIMS technology on the 3,000 m2 production floor to provide demanding customers from Asia with high-quality coatings for their tools. Numerous success stories with FerroCon®, InoxaCon® and AluCon® in China testify to the advantages of the future-oriented HiPIMS technology.

Perfect for the chinese market

In particular, the high flexibility coupled with the maximum productivity through very high deposition rates of 2 µm/h makes the technology so attractive for Chinese tool manufacturers. "Our systems are open to our customer's ideas. They can develop their own coating recipe with HiPIMS in an almost unlimited variety of material. The heart of all coating lines is the coating unit. All of the components included in the unit can be selected. And the target concept is open for your future coating materials" says Jimmy Zhang, Sales Manager at CemeCon China.

For micro tools, which are currently used in the manufacture of mobile phone housings and the production of consumer electronics, HiPIMS technology leads the way. The result are smooth coatings and excellent cutting edges. In addition, complex geometries can be coated with virtually the same coating thickness. The extremely good adhesion makes HiPIMS coatings perfect.

Jimmy Zhang (Sales Manager at CemeCon China, upper right) introduces the possibilites of HiPIMS technology to multiple tool makers at the live batch at the Suzhou coating center.

"At the live batch, we presented the advantages of HiPIMS technology to a total of 20 tool experts. The tools coated on-site with FerroCon® gave a great impression with their extremely smooth and hard surfaces,"says Yuan Werner-Guo, Sales Expert for the Chinese market at CemeCon.

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