HiPIMS coating service successfully launched in Japan

Since the beginning of 2020, CemeCon K.K. has been supporting Japanese tool manufacturers with diamond coatings at its new coating center in Nagoya. Now the experts have expanded their range to include HiPIMS technology.

Whether diamond or HiPIMS coatings – CemeCon is the global leader in both technologies. They deliver premium solutions for a wide variety of cutting applications. Japan in particular – a highly technical and forward-looking market – is therefore tailor-made for CemeCon.  With the coating center in Nagoya opening in 2020, CemeCon offers Japanese tool manufacturers immediate access to the high-performance coatings.

The management team of CemeCon K.K.. (from left): Internal Sales Manager Eunmi On Lee, IT & Service Manager Mike Romeo Meier, Sales Manager Tomokazu Kobayashi and Managing Director Alexander Marxer.

“Before we set up our coating center in Nagoya, many tool manufacturers were interested in our coatings, but the long delivery times and complex logistics were often a hindrance,” says Alexander Marxer, Managing Director of CemeCon K.K. “Even though the past year presented special challenges for the whole world, our diamond coating service nevertheless got off to a very successful start. Despite the limitations, many users have now visited the center and are impressed with our technology and its capabilities. With the newly installed HiPIMS coating equipment, we are now taking our service here in Japan to a new level.”

Whether diamond or HiPIMS - the experts in Nagoya support tool manufacturers in all matters relating to tool coatings with CemeCon's outstanding technology.

In addition to the coating service, users have the opportunity to experience the coating technology and its advantages first-hand during “live batches”. This allows customers to coat their own tools in the equipment. The research and development engineers in Nagoya also support tool manufacturers in finding the best possible coating solution in a short time. The technicians from the support department in addition service and maintain the systems installed in customer production facilities in Japan and Korea directly from Nagoya.

Alexander Marxer: “Our customers are very satisfied with the high performance of CemeCon coatings – they always have been. But now we can also score with relatively short delivery times.” The same high quality and the same coating specifications as in all other 
CemeCon coating centers worldwide are guaranteed. This is because CemeCon perfects the processes and production centrally and then transfers them one-to-one to the branches around the globe.

In addition to diamond, CemeCon K.K. also offers HiPIMS coatings.

Since September 2020, Tomokazu Kobayashi has been the new Sales Manager at CemeCon K.K. He has many years of experience in the tool industry and was Sales Manager at the second of the biggest tool makers in the world. As an expert in cutting tools, he has the know-how to provide CemeCon customers with the best possible advice.  Tomokazu Kobayashi: “Here in Nagoya, we combine high technology with a pleasant working atmosphere. The employees feel comfortable and are proud of the company. The feedback from our customers is also overwhelming: not only do users receive exceptional coating solutions here, but the coating center is also increasingly becoming a meeting place for technical exchange.”

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