Increase performance in thread production

TapCon®Gold now also available from cemecon in china

The demand for high-quality threading tools in China is considerable.  In order to enable the local industry to make a performance leap in thread production, Chinese tool manufacturers can now have their HSS taps and formers coated with the new HiPIMS coating material TapCon®Gold at the CemeCon coating center in Suzhou.

“We have developed TapCon®Gold specifically for HSS taps and formers. This HiPIMS coating material achieves a significant increase in performance compared to old TiN and TiCN coatings, which have been the references for threading tools up to now. Also from Chinese tool manufacturers we receive more and more inquiries for a coating service with TapCon®Gold. This shows that the results of sampling are also very successful there,” says Marco Furrer, Sales Manager at CemeCon. 

In addition to the specific composition of TapCon®Gold, the reason for the excellent cutting results is precisely its manufacture in the high-tech HiPIMS process. HiPIMS coating materials are extremely smooth, very dense and adhesive. A very good combination for tapping and forming. This combination ensures low torques during forming and high wear resistance during drilling – decisive factors for thread production.

The low-friction surface of TapCon®Gold also prevents material build-up on the tools and ensures excellent chip removal and running-in behaviour. The HiPIMS coating material achieves optimum protection for the cutting edges during threading thanks to its high toughness. Various tool manufacturers, especially those with their own coating production, are already successfully using TapCon®Gold on their taps or thread formers.  “Now we want to make the HiPIMS coating material available worldwide. Especially in China's fast growing industry, high-performance threading tools are in enormous demand. The perfect market for TapCon®Gold.  Therefore we have transferred the processes to our coating center in China. Now everything is ready there so that tool manufacturers can have their taps and thread formers coated with TapCon®Gold,” says Marco Furrer.

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