Coating technology in India is on a whole new level

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With the CC800® HiPIMS, AddLife is expanding its capabilities and opportunities of extending its market position. (Photo: AddLife)

AddLife Coating Systems with HiPIMS technology

Located in the center of India's high-tech industry, AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd. has become an important driver in the coatings industry over the last six years. In order to consolidate its market position in a country that is rapidly becoming a technology nation, the company is investing in the latest technology and expanding its lead with a new CC800® HiPIMS system –  that's "Incredible India".

Bangalore (Bengaluru) is known as the Silicon Valley of India, and it is also one of the country's most important centers for education and research. For this reason, other industries – most notably aerospace – industry have also decided to settle there. This makes it an ideal location for cutting tool manufacturers and companies like AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd., which caters to the requirements of tool manufacturers with a modern coating center. 

"With the CC800® HiPIMS  we are taking coating technology in India to a whole new Level."   
Mufaddal Rangwala (left), Technical Director of AddLife and Shoeb Rangwala, Managing Director of AddLife.

"In the past, customers were not always satisfied with the consistency of the coating quality, which changed dramatically with the installation of our first two CC800®/9 ML systems from CemeCon," explains Shoeb Rangwala, Managing Director of AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd. Thanks to comprehensive training at the coating center in Würselen, Germany, and in-house production, the systems have now been running reliably and without problems for six years.

Overwhelmed by Success

In India's booming market, stagnation means falling behind, which is why AddLife wanted to invest in state-of-the-art technology and expand its capacities and capabilities with a CC800® HiPIMS system. The coating experts from India conducted various tests with the coating materials FerroCon® and InoxaCon® for different machining applications and materials. "We knew that the extremely smooth and stress-free coatings would provide some performance improvements. The fact that we achieve a tool life that is 50 to 200 percent longer, depending on the application, has really overwhelmed us. One example: When drilling forged steel, FerroCon®Plus achieved a 175-percent increase in tool life compared with AlTiN-coated tools. This brings the coating technology in India to a whole new level," says Mufaddal Rangwala, Technical Director at AddLife.

With the CC800® HiPIMS we are taking coating technology in India to a whole NEW LEVEL.

Shoeb Rangwala, Managing Director of AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd.

AddLife quickly ordered a HiPIMS coating system, making it one of the first customers in India to use the high-performance technology for drills, milling cutters and reaming tools. "HiPIMS is also on everyone's lips here, and so there was a pile of inquiries asking whether we could not offer that as well. And now we are delighted to be one of the pioneers – safe in the knowledge that, with the new system technology, the high quality of the coatings and the comprehensive service of CemeCon, we can look forward to continued success in the future," summarizes Rangwala.

CemeCon Contact in India

M+V Marketing & Sales Pvt. Ltd. Manish Adwani 
Phone: +91 20 4913 1000

AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd.

AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been operating a successful coating service for all types of cutting tools since 2013. To optimally cover the broad spectrum of applications, the Bangalore-based Indian company relies on CemeCon's world-class system technology to supply customers from a wide range of industries with extremely smooth PVD coatings.

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