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With a CemeCon system you produce 100% individual coatings. When you want, how you want, what you want.

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The perfect tool coating for every task

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Strong partners (from left): Dr.-Ing. Matthias Luik, Head of Research and Development Paul Horn GmbH, Maurizio Colecchia, Head of Coating Department Paul Horn GmbH, Dr.-Ing Christoph Schiffers, Product Manager Technology CemeCon AG, Thomas Schaaff, Sales Manager CemeCon AG and Frederic Neumann Deputy Head of Coating Department

Pretreatment of the tools

On the way to your own Premium Coating

CemeCon supplies a complete turnkey package that consists of substrate pretreatment, coating system and additional periphery. The unity of plant engineering, proven process and the training of your employees in our coating center facilitates your entry into the coating technology. This makes us different from any other technology supplier!

Behind the magic of HiPIMS Coatings lies technical excellence.

Behind the magic of HiPIMS Coatings lies technical excellence.

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The CC800® HiPIMS is capable of handling all existing CemeCon coatings and almost all other PVD coatings available on the market, featuring coating rates up to 2 μm/h in pure HiPIMS mode; a range of coating thicknesses from 1 μm to 12 μm; and capacity levels of up to 1,800 shank tools or 5,000 inserts. It is the fastest, most flexible and economical production system ever designed, and the perfect platform for the development of customer-specific processes. This enables users to differentiate their tools in the marketplace and achieve a competitive advantage.

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Fastest and most flexible system on the market.
HiPIMS deposition rates of 2 μm/h.
Fast changeover, high productivity!

Change over time Change over time

When the requirements for the coatings become more and more individual and the lot sizes become smaller, you need a system to produce precision coatings reliably and quickly. With CC800® HiPIMS integrated into your production, you can managed up to 5 batches per day. Each one with a different coating specification!

The future is where your markets are growing. HiPIMS delivers maximum flexibility. All coating materials and all substrates are possible!

What requirements will your customers ask for in the precision tools of tomorrow? Which coatings will be relevant? The HiPIMS technology delivers security here. With HiPIMS any material can be coated. The ability to combine a variety of elements from the periodic table to produce proprietary coatings means options for development are almost unlimited. On HSS, carbide, CBN and ceramic – all substrates can be coated! Future security for your products. Future security for your investment.

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One coating plant, unlimited coatings.
Even your own!

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Never before has the decision for the right coating technology been so simple!

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No other technology can do more - from micro drills to inserts with 12 μm. No other technology is capable of coating almost any material. No system on the market is more flexible and faster! HiPIMS produces smooth, droplet-free and low-stress coatings in an almost unlimited variety.

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The platform for visionaries

Different requirements, just one system.

  • Open software. Design your recipe with a fully open editor software.
  • Open targets. Every target possible to meet your coating vision.
  • Unlimited flexibility. Almost every material can be done with HiPIMS.
  • Short track. Predefined makros turn your idea quickly into a ready to use coating.
  • Design freedom. Nanocomposites, multilayers or alloys. Everything is possible.
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REM Multilayer

The hardest coating material in the world – real diamond crystals!

REM Multilayer

The CC800® Diamond coats tools for machining fiber-reinforced plastics, graphite or abrasive non-ferrous metals.
The patented CemeCon multilayer technology ensures maximum stability by interlocking the individual layers within the coating. Possible cracks cannot propagate beyond the layer boundaries. The high thermal conductivity of the diamond coating ensures rapid heat dissipation, which is important for the processing of temperature-sensitive materials such as CFRP and GRP. This is enormously important and enables a higher processing speed when machining. All these characteristics make the coating materials of the CCDia® series the first choice in the machining of graphites, composites, non-ferrous metals, green bodies and ceramics.

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CC800® Diamond

CC800® Diamond

With the CC800® Diamond, extremely smooth and outstandingly adhesive nanocrystalline, crystalline or multilayer diamond coatings can be applied on more than 80 different hard metal types. The hot-filament process is perfect for complex three-dimensional tools, giving them a particularly homogeneous coating thickness distribution with narrow tolerances. Despite its compact external dimensions, the CC800® Diamond is the market’s largest capacity, fully automatic system for diamond coatings. Three independently operating coating chambers make this system very flexible and economical.

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Markets change, so the materials they process change too. High-performance materials place high demands on precision tools in machining. Whoever already carries the innovation gene within them today will succeed on the competitive markets of tomorrow!

Dr. Toni Leyendecker – Chairman of the Supervisory Board CemeCon AG
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