Increase profit with HiPIMS

The CemeCon Inc. team supports customers with all coating technology needs. Top left: Eli Roberts, Technical Manager (r.), Kristi Holmes (l.) and Travis Lee of Coating Services. Top right: Marjorie Steed, President, Ryan Lake (l.) and Pete West (r.) of the Sales team. Bottom left: Kim Lambert (l.) and Tyler Taft (r.) of coating services. Bottom right: Kameron Waxman (r.) and Eli Roberts (l.) from Technical Support

CemeCon Inc. makes it easy to start doing coatings in-house

The CC800® HiPIMS is the fastest, most flexible and most economical coating system on the market. A turnkey solution in their own production opens up an easy way for tool manufacturers to produce high-performance products with HiPIMS coatings and thus achieve competitive advantages in the market. Most important for US customers: Thanks to the training provided by CemeCon Inc. experts at the coating center in Horseheads, NY, any employee who can grind precision tools can produce premium coatings with a CC800® HiPIMS.

The decision to use your own in-house coating is a very special step and sets the course for the future. An important success factor is the right technology: CemeCon’s HiPIMS systems not only enable in-house coating production, but also deliver premium coatings with a future-proof technology. At least as important is a local partner who accompanies the turnkey customer from the first step, trains the employees in the operation of the system and supports them in the development of their own coatings. US tool manufacturers will find all this at the coating center of CemeCon Inc.

“We have been operating a coating service for cutting tools in Horseheads ourselves for many years and have just expanded our capacities with another HiPIMS system. From daily practice, our team knows all the processes and workflows down to the smallest detail. The users benefit from this. Our transparent technology transfer guarantees customers the best possible support at every stage of their coating engagement. After the training in our coating center, the employees are very familiar with the CC800® HiPIMS and the first self-coated tool can be sold directly after installation,” says Ryan Lake, Sales Manager at CemeCon Inc.

If the tool manufacturer then decides in favor of a CC800® HiPIMS in his own production, he receives a complete package consisting of substrate pretreatment, coating system and all other necessary peripherals – and on top of that the full service package “made in the USA”. With our decades of experience, we can adapt the system to the wishes, requirements and local regulations in North America. CemeCon HiPIMS makes it easy for the tool maker: The cutting-edge technology is so well packaged and documented in the workflow that the employees of the tool maker are skillfull in doing coating themselves after the training. 

“The great demand for our coating technology in the North American market shows us that we are on the right track. With our training and support, toolmakers quickly gain the confidence and sovereignty to easily master the coating process and respond fast to the changing needs of the machining sector. This ensures the profit – right from day one,” says Marjorie Steed, President of CemeCon Inc.

And if questions do arise about the turnkey coating system installation? The experience of CemeCon Inc. is just a phone call away. We’re happy to answer any questions about coatings and coating technology – 24/7 for your success.

CemeCon coating materials worldwide in the same quality

In the recently expanded coating center in Horseheads, the coating experts turn numerous adjusting screws: coating material, coating thickness, tolerances, pretreatment, and finishing make the tool along with the coating to successful. Thanks to mirrored coating processes, all CemeCon coatings have the same quality worldwide.

Now new at the coating center in Horseheads: SteelCon® – The Game Changer

When machining hardened steel beyond 50 HRC, precision tools with SteelCon® coatings achieve top performance. In addition to hard machining, the latest HiPIMS coating material shows its strengths in stainless steels, titanium, quenched and tempered steels and many other materials.

Also new: HiPIMS AlCrN

With HiPIMS AlCrN for shank tools, there is now another option for milling steels and cast irons as well as for various drilling applications.

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