Premium solutions at the same quality worldwide with CemeCon

The analysis of the wear patterns helps to tune the coating – for the best possible result.

Tailored coatings bring the decisive advantage

Tool manufacturers who come to the CemeCon coating center in Nagoya, Japan, are often looking for a solution in a highly competitive market to increase their profits with premium coatings for their precision tools. And they are in the right place: Whether diamond or HiPIMS coatings – CemeCon is a leader in both technologies.

“Especially from small and medium-sized tool manufacturers, we often hear about the difficulties to compete with the technology level of the big competitors. Smaller tool makers have to manage costs well to stay in business and often do so at the expense of development resources. This can jeopardize the profitability in the long term,” says Alexander Marxer, Managing Director at CemeCon in Japan. “With our premium coating technology, we enable manufacturers to gain the competitive advantage.”

Engineering of the coating solution

A tool manufacturer is the expert on its tools. Coupled with CemeCon’s decades of expertise in coatings, the path to competitive cutting tools opens up. “As a rule, a tool manufacturer turns to us when a certain type of tool does not produce the required results. In a first step, we then analyze the tools and give a coating recommendation. And then we really get started,” says Alexander Marxer, describing the typical start of a close cooperation with the tool manufacturer: 

For special applications or new geometries, CemeCon works with the tool manufacturer to develop an 
individual coating solution that is precisely tailored to the application.

Once the first tools have received the recommended coating, machining tests follow. The analysis of the wear pattern on the tools is used to further optimize the coating in close cooperation with the tool maker. There are many variables that can be adjusted: the coating thickness, the coating material, and the pretreatment or posttreatment. “It can take one or two loops until the perfect combination of the tool and the coating is achieved. But this way we can be sure to deliver the best possible result for our customers,” Alexander Marxer is pleased to say.

Customer-designed coatings

For special applications or new geometries, tool manufacturers also often look for an individual coating solution that goes beyond the matching of parameters. With CemeCon, tool makers have exactly the right partner at their side. Together with the experts, the perfect coating to the application is tailored down to the smallest details.

In the coating center in Nagoya – as well in all other CemeCon coating centers around the world – customers are warmly welcome to experience the exclusive HiPIMS and Diamond technology.

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