Securing and expanding the technological lead with HiPIMS

NACHREINER: well trained for in-house coating production

With strong investments in state-of-the-art, sustainable production capacities, in digitalization and in the service area, the tool manufacturer NACHREINER is making itself fit for current and future market challenges. The tool specialist from Balingen-Weilstetten already has a large vertical range of manufacture, with which it keeps the entire value chain and product quality under its own control. Since the integration of state-of-the-art HiPIMS coating technology from CemeCon, the progressive tool manufacturer provides its premium tools with the unique HiPIMS coatings now and in the future with decisive performance and quality advantages in the highly competitive market.

Sabahudin Seferovic, responsible for coatings at NACHREINER.

Precision tools from NACHREINER solve the demanding cutting tasks all over the world and set standards in the machining of metal, non-ferrous metals, plastics and composite materials. NACHREINER produces with a high vertical range of manufacture and optimized manufacturing, quality and service processes. In this context, temperature-stabilized manufacturing, state-of-the-art technology for edge preparation and optimization of micro-geometry, modern grinding, measuring and automation technology are fixed parameters of tool production designed for sustainability, efficiency and quality.

State-of-the-art grinding, measuring and automation technology in NACHREINER production ensures the high quality of the cutting tools.

“We are committed to providing metalworkers with the best in cutting tools now and in the future, enabling them to achieve outstanding quality in their products.  By incorporating premium coating expertise from CemeCon in the form of our new CC800® HiPIMS in-house coating line, we now have the complete manufacturing chain and thus the final mold under control,” says Markus Hallas, Managing Director of NACHREINER GmbH.

Only the best for the best

With the CC800® HiPIMS, CemeCon has once again significantly increased the quality and performance of coatings compared to other processes. The technology is flexible and suitable for coating many different tool variants. Whether small batches or large lot sizes: It can be optimally adapted to different requirements, for example, from micro tools to tools for heavy machining – and this within a very short time. 

For premium quality across this entire range, HiPIMS coatings have outstanding properties: they are smooth, adhesive, hard and tough at the same time, have a fine-grained, dense morphology, low residual stresses and high thermal stability. The uniform coating thickness distribution also contributes to optimum wear protection of the cutting tools.

Markus Hallas: “The decision to use our own coating technology was a very special step. With it, we have set the course for the future. Therefore, it was important for us to have a partner at our side who not only provides us with the best technology, but also accompanies us from the first step, trains and educates our employees and supports us in the development of our own coatings.”

With CemeCon COATING EXPERTISE, we excellently fulfill our promise ‘PRECISION means leaving 
nothing to chance’ with FIRST-CLASS QUALITY. The CC800® HiPIMS provides our premium tools with a further quality leap and is the key to being able TO DIFFERENTIATE and set ourselves apart from the competition even better with HIGH-QUALITY COATING SOLUTIONS.

The management of Nachreiner GmbH (from left):  Markus and Sandra Hallas as well as Marianne and Siegfried Nachreiner.

Dr.-Ing. Beate Hüttermann, Executive Director Sales at CemeCon: “We have been operating a coating service ourselves for 30 years. At the same time, we develop, build and sell this equipment technology. The users benefit from this. Through our transparent technology transfer, the customer has the guarantee of being optimally supported in every phase of their instead of his coating engagement.” The production process, which has been tried and tested in the world's largest coating center, is trained on site in Würselen in the coating service and at the customer's production facility. 

The NACHREINER team is very satisfied with the CC800® HiPIMS and the support from CemeCon (from left): Sabahudin Seferovic, responsible for coatings at NACHREINER, Petar Canzek, production employee at NACHREINER, and Michael Tabbert, production expert Round Tools at CemeCon.

“CemeCon's well thought-out training concept has enabled us to quickly move into real coating production. Even afterwards, the experts are available to answer all our questions and help us adapt the coatings to the specific applications,” adds Sabahudin Seferovic, responsible for coatings at NACHREINER.

With the CC800® HiPIMS NACHREINER completes the manufacturing chain in its own production and sets the course for the future.

Quality leap secured

Markus Hallas is pleased: “With CemeCon coating expertise, we excellently fulfill our promise ‘Precision means leaving nothing to chance’ with first-class quality. The CC800® HiPIMS provides our premium tools with a further quality leap and is the key to being able to differentiate and set ourselves apart from the competition even better with high-quality coating solutions.”


NACHREINER GmbH from Balingen-Weilstetten is a renowned tool manufacturer with a high reputation in the global industry. Since 1981 NACHREINER has been regarded as a reliable solution partner for machining technology and consistently follows the guiding principle “Precision means leaving nothing to chance” The company produces the high-quality milling, drilling and threading tools for machining a wide range of materials at its sites in Balingen and the Black Forest with a high degree of vertical integration. In addition to the standard program, the experts also offer users from a wide range of industries intensive technical advice on all aspects of customized solutions and manufacture individual special tools for special applications. An efficient regrinding service as well as innovative coatings optimally round off the range of services.

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