Online live batches are in high demand!

Camera? Check! Microphone? Check! Okay, we're live!

Three CemeCon colleagues, equipped with nose-mouth masks in accordance with the current situation, stand in front of the webcam and welcome the contact persons of an interested tool manufacturer. In the last few weeks, such processes have not only picked up speed but have also become quite routine. When the pandemic brought entire sectors and industries to a standstill, it took only a short time before the online offer of a live batch was organized and communicated at CemeCon. And the response was and still is great!

Online live batches can be booked via the colleagues from Coating Technology:
phone +49 2405 4470 122 mail

Markus Rauber, Dietmar Heldt and Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schiffers demonstrate live via the Internet how premium coatings of precision tools are possible today. Somewhere in the world, viewers sit in front of their screens, ask questions and get immediate answers from the CemeCon experts. The atmosphere is relaxed, the participants are concentrated and very eager to learn.

"Very quickly we get into a real working atmosphere. Even though we are on the Internet, the live online batches are a very personal experience, the participants appreciate the intimacy provided and very quickly ask the questions that are most important to them". reports Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schiffers, who will moderate the dialogue. His two colleagues are currently loading the next batch, explaining individual components and steps, and are delighted when the number of connections grows visibly. Markus Rauber believes that the current situation due to the pandemic is not only unpleasant: "At the beginning I had to get used to looking at a webcam. Now I understand presenters and newscasters much better and now it feels almost natural. We're all making changes in our work processes right now, and a lot of good things are coming out of it."

The interest in live batches from CemeCon has always been there. Without tricks and double bottom, everyone can experience how easy it is to handle, how fast batch changes can be made and how flexibly premium results can be achieved with one and the same coating system for coatings from 1µm to 12µm.

Online live batches are even more convenient and even safer because they are contactless. "There are certainly very different competencies on the other side of the management: Line managers who want to ensure that the integration of a coating system can function smoothly and that the operation can run reliably and above all at high cycle rates. But also tool developers who want to produce their own coatings and are looking for the right system to do so. Most people are surprised when they realize that even such different requirements are served by one and the same system," says Dietmar Heldt, CemeCon Customer Care, who has daily contact with customers from all over the world. Each question asked by the online live-batch participants is promptly followed by the answers. This is where daily practice speaks for itself: Over 80,000 precision tools are refined every day in the world's largest coating center at CemeCon.

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